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В мире и на рынке подавляющее большинство программного обеспечения и электронных устройств – решения, которые были созданы в спешке, без тщательной проработки, за недостаток качества расплачивается как конечный потребитель, так и заказчик в том числе и своей репутацией. Мы создаем качественные решения, которые делают то, что от них нужно.




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What are we doing

We develop only high quality software that solves problems what it was designed for

Data researches and building AI systems using machine learning algorithms
Data researches and building AI systems using machine learning algorithms

We provide data survey for datasets creation for develop precise and effective AI systems

Survey with AI using heuristic algorithms
Survey with AI using heuristic algorithms

Проведение исследований с использованием эвристических алгоритмов и создание собственных систем искусственного интеллекта

Augmentated and virtual reality
Augmentated and virtual reality

We provide survey that allow us to extend human experience using AR and VR technologies


We provide survey and experimental spectrometric devices development


Our projects

Data research

The main purpose of the study is to identify patterns, the most common cases, the classification of objects and events that will create the basis for the entire space of events, only in contrast to the space perceived by the eyes, it can have an arbitrarily large number of dimensions. When analyzing data, the main goal is to reduce the dimensionality of space, but in such a way that artificial intelligence systems can solve the problem and at the same time solve it quite efficiently and quickly.

Stages of data analysis:

01. Data gathering

It is perhaps the most important and most responsible stage, since the quality of the data determines how well the training will be carried out;

02. Data structuring

At this stage, data is generalized and combined into categories, classifications are created. For the qualitative performance of the subsequent analysis, we use the methods of mathematical statistics to analyze the degree of compliance of data with categories; This data is already ready to be used for machine learning.

03. Patterns recognition

Artificial intelligence systems based on machine learning allow you to identify patterns and associate any arbitrary data with the patterns obtained during the learning process.

04. Forecasting

Artificial intelligence systems allow predicting future events.

Researches of solid states

We conduct research on promising materials for various areas of science and technology. We study nano-objects, FINEMET, various alloys and other materials with a crystalline structure, we also study objects at low temperatures in a cryostat (up to 77 K). We conduct research using the following equipment:

  • X-Ray difraction for analysis lattice parameters and phases;
  • Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) with energy dispersion analysis for samples homogeneity surveys;
  • Thermogravimetry for finding mineral part in samples;
  • DC magnetometry for getting magnetization curves;
  • Mossbauer spectrometry for phase analysis;

Our principles


First think, do second. We carrying out detailed analysys of tasks and fdomain.

Resources economy

We develop only quality products therefore our clients don't have to spend more resources (time and money) to develop it again.


We intensively interacting with our customers to reach optimal result.


The best techologies and practices, maximum of automation and testing